Slapped By Karma

Sagacious Karma

Karma loved the sound of her own voice, and she had a ball back in the day pod-casting her answers. Hope you like them as much as she did.

Unnatural Attraction to my Uncle Craig

If He Will be Back?

When Will I Find True Love?

Go to Court Soon?

He just disappeared

is my boyfriend cheating?

If My Partner is the One

What’s up with my love life?

Married a jackass

I fell in love with Paul,he is 67

How can i improve my love life?!!

i meet this man angelito

Will Jeff be my husband?

Why is my boss such a…

Have TOS need SSD

Psychics told me money is coming

Is Robert my soul mate?

BF Moved and Now Back Together

will i have kids one day?

Is he the “one?”

he was my sexual soulmate

I am the Queen Bitch

Life changing for better?

see me being involved romantically

Medical procedures on my body?

Person I’m in Love With

my true hearts greatest love

should I trust my gut

Pregnant by a psychic

Was I adopted?

what are his initials?

hubby getting out of jail soon?

stop loving my ex-husband

Is this baby mine?

If I have Fibromyalga

New consulting business?

Will it get better when I start changing?


Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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2 thoughts on “Sagacious Karma

  • Awesomeness! This had me rolling! Keep up the great work! Much gratitude for bringing some comic relief into my life! Bless you all at for honesty and Truth without the bullshit!

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