Veterans Day

Veterans Day

The year was 1974
Vietnam, one year more

We came home on leave
What we saw we could not believe

The hippies were marching in the street
Vietnam veterans were being beat

With bullhorns blaring
giving speeches, lots of swearing

It’s Johnson, Nixon, and the veterans they hate
said something about sending them past hell’s gate

I wore my uniform thought they would be proud
Instead I received boo’s, jeer’s, and spit from the crowd

accused me of killing little babies
But how? I was a corpsman in the Navy

To them it did not matter
It was my blood they began to splatter

As they made their asinine points
they passed around plenty of joints

They claimed we stayed high on smoke
Before taking a second toke

Gone is the war in Vietnam
Does anyone except the vets give a damn?


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Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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