The Cycle of Addiction

The Circle

Oh, the Circle I do weave
It leads to disaster, I do believe.
I take pills in the morning for pain
And yet there is nothing to be gained.

At night I want to take a hit
I want crack, just a little bit.
Just a little bit leads to more
I must see my dealer, I am out the door

My money is always gone.
It goes up in smoke or out my bong.
When the night is getting late
I realize it’s my life I hate.

Friends I have are very few
I find that only one is true.
I just hate it when I tweak
And I do it at least once a week.

Push, brillo and tube drives me mad
But how I need them, oh, how sad!
Down my lungs or up my nose
That is where my money goes.

I need it day in and I need it day out,
The endless cycle makes me want to shout,
“Oh, will this Circle ever stop?
Will I ever again be on top?


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Karma's VenomNote from the author: This poem is public domain for all to use as they wish. Karma is hoping that a talented musician will create a song from it.


Karma, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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4 thoughts on “The Circle

  • I like this poem because for myself I am a recovering addict and I use to feel the same way,but now I’m control of my life I have almost 1 year sobriety..

    • Thank-you for your feedback, Jamey. We just lost Karma a couple of weeks ago, and I’m certain she will be watching you from heaven. She always loved her fans. And… congrats on a year sober!

  • So True and powerful statement …. i hope you go live on this message …and even if you get through to one person you my friend willl save a life ….Thank you for your true raw words

    • Thanks for your feedback. Karma passed away a few years ago, so keeping her words alive is up to us. Wishing you a very happy 2018!

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