Psychic Cleanse

Psychic Cleansing of Sexual Residue

When Passion Becomes a Prison

Many of us without realizing it have created connections with others through various sexual encounters that are not healthy or productive to our continued spiritual growth.

Each intimate encounter with another person creates a harmonic or resonance on many different levels — the auras connect, the souls connect, the spirit connects as the body and mind connect. Many of these encounters are wonderful and are to be cherished but others can be destructive and can have an impact that follows us from the moment of encounter till we die and even into the next life if we do not cleanse our energy fields of this connection. Your passion can create your prison but there is a key to release you.

A Ritual for Release of Past Negative Sexual Energy Connections

I am assuming that you already have a sacred space in which to perform your ritual. If not, I will be addressing this very topic next week. Also, it would be helpful to have a journal or diary in which to keep records or notes of your rituals. I will also be addressing same in the near future. Ready to do some releasing from past partners? It’s SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!

It’s best to take a bath or a shower before you start this ritual, cleanliness being next to Godliness and all that…

Dress comfortably. You can be naked, if you like, in your favorite nightgown, in sweats, whatever gives you freedom of movement.

Before you begin your ritual place the three new candles in a triangle with the white on the right point, the black on the left point, and the pink on the top point.

Also, a metal bowl filled with sand (or other burn safe material) or big ashtray for burning the paper with the prayer should be placed in the center of the triangle.

Choose an incense, aromatherapy oil, etc which reflects this loving energy next to the candles.

If they are available I would suggest placing some new flowers to the right of the candles. These should be flowers YOU like and the more scented, the better.

Place a copy of the above prayer/affirmation written or printed on new paper in front of the candles.

Start your music playing.

Make sure that you have matches or a lighter available.

Light your incense.

Light your candles. Start with the white candle and as you light it say: I affirm love and purity. Light the black candle and as you light if say: I affirm release and transmutation of all negative energy.

Read your prayer (affirmation) out loud and with true sincerity. Listen to your voice and your words. Let images of light fill your being. Do this with the knowing that you are now healed. With the black candle light the paper on fire and place it in the fire-safe container. As it burns allow all of your senses to be filled with the experience. The smells. The sounds. The sights. The feelings.

After the paper is completely burned, take the black candle and the white candle and using them both as representation of your dark side and your light side light the pink candle and visualize yourself surrounded by pure love in the image of a light of sweet pure pink surrounding you. Place the white candle and the black candle back in their holders or in the same spot where they were previously standing.

Allow yourself to savor the moment until you feel comfortable and that it is time to finish your ritual.

To finish your ritual, affirm this outloud: All that I speak, think, say and desire from this experience is now manifest for the good of all concerned. If they are small candles such as tealights or votives, you can leave them alone until they burn out on their own. If they are the 7 day glass candles, leave them for a few hours so the energy can build.

NEVER, EVER blow out your candles. Use a snuffer or a glass. To blow out a candle is to dissipate all the work you just did.

Wrap up the candles in a white cloth and put them away in a safe place. You may use them again if you need to cleanse yourself. It is a good idea to only use these specific candles for the same type of ritual. You can do this ritual at the same time next month if you feel you need to.

You can cleanse yourself of all negative energy with these techniques. Through ritual, you can recapture your energy that you have given away to others, knowingly and unknowlingly. I will be writing more later about psychic vampires and how they zap our energy.

What You Need for this Ritual

Timing: This ritual would work well when performed at the end of the Waning Moon cycle, as close to the New Moon as possible. A Saturday or even a Tuesday would be a good day for this.

Suggested Candles: 1 White, 1 Black and 1 Pink. The white is for Purity and connection with the Universal White Light, the black is to get rid of the negativity and the pink is for Love and Self-Love. To purchase a set of these three candles plus some cleansing and blessing herbs (instructions included), please click here to see what we have to offer.

Suggested Music: Anything that soothes or inspires/empowers/motivates you. Mozart or Megadeath, your choice. Gentle flute or harp music is fine. Anything New-Agey is fine. If you need something with a heavy beat to get you going, that’s fine too. There is no wrong choice. For those that need to build up their energy, Ravel’s Bolero would be an excellent choice.

Suggested Aroma: Whatever gets you in the mood to take charge and do something for YOU, be it incense, aromatherapy oil or liquid potpourri in a burner, etc. Any scent that awakens the senses or makes one feel euphoric or spiritual is a good choice. Scents such as Nag Champa, Patchouli, Vanilla, Lavendar, Opium or even some of the more unusual such as Sex on the Beach or Green Tea are very invigorating.

For those of you who are in rural areas, we have an exotic selection of incense to sell for this very purpose. To see your choices, please click here to see what we have to offer.

Suggested Affirmation or Prayer (write this down or print to use in your ritual):

I (your name) evoke the power of love and healing into my body, mind, spirit and soul.

I call upon the innocent child within me to be brought forth in total safety and protection.

I affirm my oneness with the universal spirit and know that all that I ask in this moment of love and healing will be manifest for the good of all concerned.

I now call for and accept my spiritual sexual healing.

All negative energy connections that have been created since the moment of my first sexual encounter are now cut and forever and ever transmuted to positive energy.

All positive energy connections that I have been created since my first sexual encounter are now strengthened and blessed with even greater love and appreciation.

From this moment forth, I express my sexuality as a manifestation of divine love and caring.

I attract to me only those people (or that mate) who manifest this divine communion.

I renounce all negative fears concerning my sexuality and it’s manifestation into this reality and release all to the divine consciousness to manifest my healing and continued growth as a loving and caring person.



Angelina, you may be gone, but your words will live forever. Love you.

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Cleansing of Sexual Residue

  • I certainly enjoyed this readiing. It was full of inspiration and i was surprise that such things happen in sexual encounters.


  • Thanks for this .my dead husband was a cheater the women he checked with were not of the best character I saw him become a totally negative person became unhealthy desease riddin then he died all in short period of time I definaty beleive this is true that a person can pick the vibs from sexual partners as I did not have any sexual contact with him when I found out what was going on seem to ok,,,, but will do this ritual just to be safe……… Thank you,,,,, blessings JLT

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