Trouble Ahead

Trouble, Trouble, and More Trouble through July 3rd

Posted on May 20, 2021 by Janet Moon

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Life has been pretty good since the first of the year. We went through a Mercury retrograde from late January through late February. And Saturn and Uranus hit the first peak of their square on February 18th. But that's it! There were no outer planets afflicted, nor any planets in retrograde from February 20th through April 27th. Opportunities have been full-speed-ahead. But that's beginning to change.

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Basic Planetary Aspects and Retrograde Guidelines

Most planetary aspects work in natural logarithms. So they slowly get worse and worse. But after they hit their peak, their energy drops off more rapidly. We can always expect things to be worse before the peak.

Also, all planets (except the Sun and Moon) cause more tension when they are at their stations — retrograde station (turning retrograde) or direct station (turning direct). It's like they're holding still and burning a hole in the universe.

Saturn and Uranus Blend

Saturn-Uranus Square

Before I go into the details of the planetary changes coming, I want to discuss our current Saturn-Uranus square.

Saturn and Uranus are going to be squaring off this whole year. They will hit three peaks, where they come to an exact square. They hit their first peak while Mercury was in retrograde on February 18th. So we may have blamed Mercury for the stress Saturn and Uranus were generating.

After Saturn retrograde begins, Saturn will back up to make a second exact square with Uranus on June 15th. Because Saturn is slowing down as he approaches his retrograde station, Saturn and Uranus were within 2 degrees of their exact square by May 14th. So from May 14th through June 15th, the tension is going to rise.

I believe that the Israel-Gaza conflict going on now is an effect of Saturn and Uranus. Saturn represents authority figures and the status quo. Uranus is the rebel, the ruler of independence and change. And he strikes like lightning.

It's also possible that the polarity (us versus them attitudes) going on in most societies will increase over the next month.

Dragon Sleeping

Pluto Turned Retrograde on April 27th

Pluto is in retrograde almost as long as he's direct throughout any year. So Pluto's retrograde is a more subconscious thing for most of us. But I imagine Scorpios can sense the change. So we may have dealt with some extra fears or jealousy around late April.

Red Sunset with Saturn

Saturn Retrograde begins on May 23rd

Pluto isn't aspecting any outer planets this year, which helped to keep his retrograde transition mild. Saturn will hold a square with Uranus when he turns retrograde on May 23rd. After Saturn retrograde station, we will probably feel the tension escalating even more. Until they hit their peak on June 15th.

Smiley Icon Dispersed

Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26th

The shadow of the earth will eclipse the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius, on May 26th at 5° 26' Sagittarius, creating what we sometimes call a blood moon. The eclipse will be total at 7:19 AM ET (4:19 AM PT). So those of us on the east coast cannot watch the eclipse hit totality.

Lunar eclipses usually affect us personally. This eclipse will not conjunct or oppose any present transiting planets or any of the planets in the United States’ chart. But it will conjunct Joe Biden's ascendant and oppose his natal Uranus. So those effects will probably manifest in our federal government and possibly in the White House. And they will likely manifest unexpectedly.

Mercury Retrograde Clock Sinking in Ocean

Mercury Retrograde Station on May 29th

Mercury retrograde will begin on May 29th at 24 degrees, 41 minutes Gemini at 10:52 AM ET (7:52 AM PT). And Mercury will be at a tight conjunction with Venus and a square with Neptune. Venus doesn't like Mercury's relaxed attitude towards commitments. And Neptune rules confusion and addictions. Some of us are going to be dealing with potent relationship issues as this retrograde begins. The Mercury retrograde storm will begin on May 22nd, one day before Saturn retrograde station. So some Mercury retrograde issues will begin more than a week before his retrograde starts.

Silly Alien and Imaginary Planets

Mars Trine Neptune on May 31st

Trines are actually positive aspects, so we will have one positive to help us through the stress. Mars rules actions, and Neptune governs psychic energy. Mars trine Neptune usually helps us to just-know what to do. They will begin their trine on May 27th. And this could help to guide us through the confusion of the Mercury retrograde station.

Dinosaur and Lion Fighting

Mars Oppose Pluto on June 5th

Pluto is actually a higher octave of Mars. The Romans assigned Mars as the ruler of Aries and Scorpio. After the discovery of Pluto in 1930, modern astrologers assigned Pluto as the ruler of Scorpio. So when these two are at opposition (which happens about every two years) it can feel like a personal nuclear war. These two planets will be within 2 degrees of their opposition on June 2nd. So we will probably feel restless for about four or five days. Many will desire to make some changes. But Mercury will still be in retrograde. So it will not be a good time to make any changes. Use this time to plan those revisions. But don't start any of those changes until after Mercury retrograde ends on June 22nd.

Woman with Red Scarf

Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10th

An annular eclipse is like a total eclipse. But the Moon will be too far from the earth to totally cover the Sun. Solar eclipses have a tendency to affect us as a community, rather than personally. But it will get personal for some of us.

This eclipse will be at 19° 47' Gemini. And it will conjunct Mercury in retrograde. So Mercury retrograde will give this eclipse extra energy. You can bet that Mercury, the trickster, will get you, if you're not very careful. Even if we are careful, Mercury could still trick us. So try to be prepared for anything.

Couple Fighting

Mars Enters Leo on June 11th

Mars in Leo can bring dramatic fights (like we really need more fighting in our lives). Mars will begin his transit in Leo with no interference from the other planets until July 1st, when Mars comes to an opposition with Saturn. Mars may feel the need to rebel against Saturn and escalate more conflicts. Saturn rules authority figures. So Mars oppose Saturn could also get some of us busted.

Dinosaur in Rear View Mirror

Saturn Square Uranus on June 15th

This will be the climax of the Saturn-Uranus conflict I discussed above. And just to remind you, this aspect began on May 14th. Ceres, the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, will join this conflict on June 4th and hit her peak on June 11th. Ceres rules personal service, nurturing, fertility, nourishment, and health. Even though Ceres is considered a minor planet and won't be a big player in this conflict, make sure you're taking care of yourself, like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and don't forget to take your vitamins.

According to my Llewellyn calendar Saturn square Uranus can bring a, "conflict between independence and success." I mentioned above how it can affect countries and governments. But it could also affect us personally. We may find that some sort of authority figure like our boss, the landlord, the judge, or maybe even a parent, is going to rule against us. So try to be ready with Plan B.

Jupiter at the End of the Road

Jupiter at Retrograde Station and the Sun Enters Cancer on June 20th

What a wonderful way to start the Summer, with Jupiter turning retrograde (I'm being sarcastic). Jupiter, the ruler of luck and expansion, will be in Pisces when his retrograde begins. But he will re-enter Aquarius on July 28th. So we will probably notice that our spiritual connections are fading shortly after Jupiter retrograde begins. Also, Jupiter is the ruler of luck. So there could be some back luck a few days before and after June 20th. But, for a few hours on June 20th, the Sun, the Moon, and Jupiter will create a grand trine in water signs. Grand trines are extremely positive. So our bad-luck may reverse for just a short time.

The Sun entering Cancer marks the first day of Summer. Cancer is considered a cardinal sign, meaning that it likes to initiate change. But with Mercury still in retrograde, it's best to keep those changes in the planning stages. We won't have to wait long before Mercury leaves his retrograde storm on July 1st.

Silhouette of the God Mercury

Mercury Direct Station on June 22nd

Luckily there won't be any planets aspecting Mercury when he turns direct. But we will still have the usual retrograde problems like travel delays and misunderstandings. Do not sign any major contracts or make any major life-changing decisions a few days before and after Mercury direct station.

Wood Carving of the God Neptune

Neptune Retrograde Station on June 25th

Like Pluto, Neptune spends almost half of his annual transit in retrograde. So his retrograde is a much more subtle thing. But Neptune is the ruler of addictions and criminals. We may find ourselves tempted to do something that is not acceptable within our social norms. And others will just spend the few days before and after his retrograde drunk (or indulging in one of many of our other addictions).

Graffiti on City Walls with Man Sleeping on Bench while Child Watches

Mars Oppose Saturn on July 1st and Mars Square Uranus on July 3rd

We started feeling some relief after Saturn and Uranus passed the peak of their square on June 15th. But Mars is going to re-energize them. In fact, Mars will create a T-Square with Saturn and Uranus. It's going to feel a little like being pulled apart. Mars and Saturn may stimulate our fears, keeping us from acting on our beliefs. But Mars and Uranus will create false starts and accidents. The best thing we can do is avoid confrontations (and walk without rhythm, so we don't attract a worm) (*wink*).

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