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We Answered 100% of the Questions Approved Last Month - So Your Chances are Good!

The Psychic Bitch is a Professional Internet Psychic who volunteers her time for your enlightenment and enjoyment. The Psychic Bitch AKA da Boss is an honest and empowered reader, and she will not tell you what she thinks you want to hear. So, if you are tired of those sugar coated psychics taking your money and blowing pink smoke up your ass, then submit your question to her FREE psychic reading contest NOW!

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All answers are posted publicly on this site. Private information will be stripped and remain confidential.

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Daily Forecast Mon Astro: Intuitions will be accurate today, and many will be drawn to help the less fortunate. Artistic pursuits should go well. And, it will be another great day for psychic readings.

  Absolutely Free Legit Psychic Readings

We are the Best Deal on the Web!

When it comes to a completely free psychic readings, you can't get a better deal than this.. The Psychic Bitch AKA da Boss readings give you much more than any free 5 minute psychic reading, and it's always available without a credit card. Da boss utilizes tarot cards, astrology, numerology, angel cards, and even the runes to get you the most accurate, free psychic reading. You can even check her divination and astrology widgets daily to get more free online readings.

  • She doesn't email the same form letter, to everyone who contacts her.
  • She doesn't use bots that pretend to be psychics.
  • She does answer each question individually, personalized for you and your question.
  • And, she does NOT have a one free question limit like so many other psychics do.

There no limits on how many questions you can submit. And, most questions are answered within seven days. Many of the Psychic Bitch's visitors have been coming to this site for years. This really is the real deal when it comes to free psychic readings, and da Boss is looking forward to your questions.

The Psychic Bitch doesn't guarantee that she will get to all of the questions received. But she makes an effort to answer most of them, especially for her first time questioners. Get your absolutely free psychic reading online with da Boss anytime you want, with no fee, ever!

  •   No Credit Card and No Email Address Necessary

    You can actually submit a question, and get your free psychic reading with no credit card number. The Psychic Bitch allows totally anonymous people to submit their questions to our psychics without even sharing their email address. She posts a question tracking page on this site, so anonymous questioners can check back to see the status of their questions.

  •   Need a Free Psychic Love Reading?

    The Psychic Bitch has your answers. She offers the best free love readings in the world. Da boss has some of the most accurate, and always free, love fortune telling apps online. Whether you want to know when you'll find love, or if you will reunite with an ex, da Boss is ready to help. Do you want to know if he or she is cheating? She can check the tarot to examine your present love life for free. Da boss can give you a free tarot card reading about your love relationship, and she even uses angel cards for love divination. She has special love tarot card readings for singles to help you find the best mate. Da boss uses different tarot spreads to get you the most accurate love readings. And, her tarot can also tell you whether or not true love is in your near future. Get your accurate, online, free, love tarot card reading right here!


  •   Da Boss is an Experienced, Professional Psychic

    She has been reading professionally on the internet for over 20 years.

    The only catch is that your answer is posted online on our answers blog. All personal information is stripped and is not stored on the same database as our blog. The only part of your question that is public is your nickname and your question. So, to maintain your anonymity, all you need to do is choose a nickname that no one would recognize as being you.

    Posting her answers publically is why the Psychic Bitch is willing to volunteer her time. People get a chance to view her answers to get a feel for they way she does her readings... thus allowing her to find new clients.

  •   Memberships Available with Perks

    Free Memberships

    We offer free memberships to those who want to receive an email notification when their question has been answered and keep their questions off the public tracking page. Our members can:

    • Track their questions in their member account, and they are not posted on our tracking pages.
    • View all the questions they've asked in the past two months with links to their answers.
    • Change their username, password, and email address anytime they choose.
    • There's also a button where they can delete their account without having to contact any of our admins.

    Enhanced Memberships

    We offer Enhanced Memberships to those who want a guarantee their question will be answered within 3 days and keep all the benefits of membership for only $5 per month. Our Enhanced Members get even more:

    • Get priority answers in 3 days or less for 2 questions per month
    • Upload a picture of themselves that only our psychics will see.
    • View all of their answers for a minimum of 2 years.
    • Opportunity to book private readings with da Boss at a discounted rate

    Premium Memberships

    For those who want even more, we offer our Premium Memberships for only $10 per month. We offer a free trial period, so you can try before you buy. Our Premium Members get access to everything the free members have plus they have many more privileges. Our Premium members perks:

    • Get priority answers for a minimum of five questions per month.
    • Receive their answers in a private email (not posted on our blog) usually in three days or less.
    • Upload pictures of themselves and people they're asking about that only our psychics will see.
    • Store their birth info on site for quick submission of their questions.
    • Get special offers to purchase private readings from our psychics at a discounted price.
    • View all of the questions and answers they've ever posted to our site over the last four years, including their questions as free members and any questions they submitted anonymously.
    • All advertising is also restricted on the members' pages.

    Where else can you get five priority, personalized psychic readings for only $10 per month?

  •   How Our System Works

    Step One - Admin Approval

    When someone submits their question though either or members or anonymous question forms, the questions are held for admin approval. There are a number of different reasons a question will not be approved.

    • Duplicate questions - the same question submitted more than once.
    • We do not answer any fertility or health questions - please see your doctor.
    • We need a minimum of 100 characters to explain your situation. Questions will repeating characters are deleted.
    • Default birthdate - We absolutely need your real birthdate.
    • Profane and/or sexually explicit questions are deleted.
    • A similar question is already in our question pool from you. (We usually delete the old one and release the new one)
    • Full names and birthdates of other people are included in the body of the question. Because questions are publicly posted on our site, we will not allow anyone's personal info to be included in the body of the question, except for the questioner's. We have private fields for that information.
    • If the question is about a second person, but no private info was included on that person. We need the person's name and birthdate (if known) to be sure we are tuned-in to the correct person.
    • If the questioner needs their answer in less than a week. We average seven days to answer a question.
    • If the questioner asking for followup on another psychic's free reading. If a psychic is kind enough to give you a free reading, and then you come us for a free followup, we're going to generate some bad karma. This business is very competitive, and we do not want to steal another psychic's potential client.
    • If the birth information is incomplete. Our astrologers need to know your birth city, or at least the time zone, in order to calculate your chart.

    Step Two - Awaiting Answers

    After your question is approved, it then goes to our open questions pool. That is where da Boss find the questions she chooses to answer.

    Step Three-A - Archived

    If your question is not answered usually within seven days, it is then placed in our archives. All archived questions are welcome to be resubmitted. You may want to check the, Tips to Get Your Question Answered, page to see if there are some things you can do to make your question more likely to be answered.

    Step Three-B - Post Answers

    After your question is answered by one of our psychics, our admins literally copy the question and answer and paste them into our WordPress blog.

    Step Four - Contact Members

    The admin then sends emails to all the members who have selected to receive email notification.

  •   Our Security

    The Psychic Bitch does ask for some personal information like your name and birthdate. But, that information is stripped from your question before your answer is posted. And, she keeps your private information on a database separate from our blog. The likelihood of that database getting hacked is extremely minimal. Psychic Bitch maintains two-factor authentication on our hosting account. And, Janet Moon wrote that database exclusively for this site. Most hackers want to crack code that is used many places on the web, like WordPress or Joomla.

    Da Boss does occasionally send special promotions besides her regular newsletter.

  •   We're Looking Forward to You!

    So, after all the explaining, she hopes you will ask your question now and give her a try. You have nothing to lose. And, she's looking forward to getting to know you.